Right-Wingers Flip Out Over ABC’s Cancellation Of ‘Last Man Standing’

Tim Allen is a funny guy. And as such he has enjoyed much success on tv, first with his show Home Improvement, and more recently with Last Man Standing. Allen is also a member of a minority group in Hollywood — he’s an outspoken conservative and Trump supporter. And that is the reason, according to some of his fans, that ABC just announced the cancellation of his show.

Allen’s character on the sitcom is a conservative “Christian,” and, according to Deadline Hollywood, that has made the show a big hit with Republicans, especially in the middle of the country. But it is also finishing its sixth season, a pretty good run for any program, and it is starting to get a little long in the tooth.

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Paul Joseph Watson, editor at large of Alex Jones’ InfoWars, raised the issue in a May 11 post on the site. Watson’s headline screams:


Coincidence? Christian Conservative sitcom canned

Watson ponders whether the show was cancelled due to Allen’s outspoken support for Trump. And of course InfoWars’ readers agree with his assessment.

“Jameson” showed off his good “Christian” values with his comment.

Of course there were calls for a boycott. Because conservative boycotts always work so well (sarcasm).

And one person thought the cancellation will somehow motivate conservatives to go to the polls.

Watson did accurately note that the show was the subject of a dispute over licensing fees between ABC and the producer. But in calling the show “highly rated” he didn’t tell the whole story. Yes, the show has done quite well during its run. But ratings have begun to slip during season six, as this chart shows.

Overall, Last Man Standing had lost on average over 300,000 viewers during season six, and viewership in the so-called “key demographic” — 18 to 49 year olds, was off, too, down from a 1.21 rating in season five.

So yeah, righties, blame liberals and political correctness all you want. Networks are in the business to make money, and when viewers start to move away from a show, that show isn’t going to be long for this world.

It’s not surprising that people are less interested in Last Man Standing in the age of Trump. How can any sitcom compete with the side show that is now going on in the White House?

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