Right-Wingers Lose Their Ignorant Little Minds Over Fake Website Declaring Hillary Beat Trump

When it comes to politics, and often times, other issues as well, right-wingers are just generally terrible people. They’re miserable, their life sucks, and they’re going to make damn sure yours does, too.

They also lack a sense of humor, or what they pass off as a sense of humor is mean-spirited and nasty, justified by tu quoque fallacies and veiled acceptance of racism or sexism. What it boils down to is that they’re just miserable, horrible people, and they remain miserable and horrible whether they win or lose.

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As a case in point, consider the response to the website Hillary beat Trump. The website is a satire website, designed, in the words of the creator:

“[T]o be a joyful middle finger . . . I didn’t want to wallow or argue with people who can’t be argued with. There’s something about humor as confrontation that I instinctively thought would work — like a good right jab that I could keep using.”

Of course, the right-wing flipped their shit, as they often do. Joke or not, the response to the page as been typically right-wing, ranging from insults to death threats.

The website was even mentioned on the stupidest morning show in all cable news, Huffing Drain Cleaner with Brian Kilmeade & Company Fox & Friends:

This, naturally, gave the idiots who follow the show the chance to weigh in, because who doesn’t love a daily dose of toxic stupidity?


I think my favorite contrast is the person who warned that the “extreme left” is going to become “violent,” followed by the Jim Mac there, who suggested slamming our heads into a car door “to help correct their mental issues.”

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And I have no idea what the hell parkerblue is going on about, but let’s face it —  this right here is probably a more effective anti-drug ad than anything Reagan ever put out: “Don’t huff drain cleaner kids, otherwise, you’ll grow up and not only vote for Donald Trump, but be convinced it’s a great thing. Period.”

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