Right-Wingers Lose Their Minds Over App That Replaces Photos Of Their Messiah Donald Trump With Kittens

This week, Google released a new app called “Make America Kittens Again.” The premise of the app is simple; it replaces pictures of the tangerine baboon 20% of the population felt would be a good president and therefore elected with pictures of adorable kittens.

Now, it’s well-known the internet loves kittens and cats in general, and frankly, I love the idea behind the app, and if nothing else, it’s a cute little app poking gentle fun at a president who’s skin is as thin as it is orange.

So naturally, conservatives, illustrating the moral high road that they claim so often, utterly lost their shit over this app.

Because we all know Republicans have been the epitome of maturity. But we’re just getting started.


Someone better find these folks a safe-space, stat.

The bitterness and anger on display here — really, it sums up what it means to be a conservative in the modern United States perfectly. That this cute little app comes along and it elicits such a resentful, vitriolic response, suggests there’s something wrong with the way these people think.

For conservatives it’s not enough to win — they have to erase us from existence in the process. They simply cannot tolerate the fact that we exist.

So, how about for a New Year’s Resolution, all left-wingers reading who can promise to bring up left-wing politics every chance they get, attack Trump’s administration at every opportunity, and post liberal politics on social media whenever the chance presents itself? Our existence clearly makes them unhappy, so let’s make them as miserable as everyone else by reminding them that we aren’t going away anytime soon.

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