Righties Are Convinced That ‘Killery’ Just ‘Vince Fostered’ A Former Haitian Official

One of conservatives’ favorite pastimes is connecting dead bodies to one or the other of the Clintons. Vince Foster. Ambassador Chris Stevens and the other three Benghazi!™ victims. Seth Rich. And now, a former Haitian government official, who they say turned up dead before he could testify about Clinton Foundation corruption.

Klaus Eberwein was the former director general of the Haitian government’s economic development agency. On July 11 Eberwein turned up dead in a Miami hotel room, the victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to the medical examiner’s office.

But oh no, there are no suicides involving anybody connected to the Clintons, even if they’re only connected to the Clintons by the thinnest of threads, as Eberwein was. The story appeared to start on the fake news site Your News Wire several days ago. From there it was picked up by other outlets and the standard right-wing circle jerk was on.

All of the usual suspects reported on the story: World Net Daily, The Gateway Pundit, 100 Percent Fed Upand others all shared it. And of course conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich, of “Pizzagate” fame, weighed in on Twitter and on his YouTube channel.

And when you tell the tale the way they do, it all looks so damned fishy. But fish smell, and so does their story. As usual, the company line from the Clinton attack machine left out a few pertinent details.

To start with, no one really knows what Eberwein was going to testify about in a scheduled hearing before the Haitian Senate’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. The Jamaica Observer noted that the hearing he was scheduled to testify in involves an investigation of the management of “PetroCaribe” funds — money Haiti receives from a Venezuelan discounted oil program.

Those sites also appear to have made up a quote from Eberwein out of whole cloth. According to  100 Percent Fed Up, Eberwein allegedly said,

“The Clinton Foundation, they are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace.”

But in typical right-wing fashion they provide no source for the quote, which sounds amazingly like one that the BBC attributed to Haitian activist Dahoud Andre: “The Clinton family, they are crooks, they are thieves, they are liars.” In fact, the BBC story puts Andre’s statement at the exact place and time that the Clinton haters claim Eberwein made his.

Then there’s the matter of Eberwein’s state of mind. Righties want you to think that he was Mr. Happygoluckynotacareintheworld. But he had issues. To start with, Eberwein’s tenure as a government official was plagued by accusations of fraud and corruption. Conservative blogs seized on the report in the Miami Herald where a business partner said that the last time they spoke, not long ago, Eberwein was “in good spirits.” But, once again, our right-wing, er, “friends,” left something out:

But it appears that Eberwein had fallen on hard times. An Uber spokesperson confirmed that he worked as a driver for awhile in South Florida.

During and after his government tenure, Eberwein faced allegations of fraud and corruption on how the agency he headed administered funds. Among the issues was FAES’ oversight of shoddy construction of several schools built after Haiti’s devastating Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake.

So we have a former Haitian official who has been accused of corruption. He isn’t exactly in great shape financially, and he is about to go in front of a government committee. But hey, he’s from Haiti, and now he’s dead. The Clinton Foundation was involved in Haiti, so it’s obvious that Hillary had him killed. Seems legit.

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