Righties Are Getting Their ‘News’ From A Syrian Refugee Posing As A ‘Patriotic’ Bikini Girl

Being a Liberal Troll can take you to some pretty dark places. As a general rule, there are two types of trolls in our community of equal importance. Some of us are the type who use our pages and personas to attack conservaturds on their turf, often posting our public humiliation of the intellectually impaired for all to see. Some of us use fake accounts to infiltrate conservaturd circles to find their deepest seeded racism and hate to expose it for all the world to see. Some of us do both.

If you’ve ever heard of Busta Troll, you may remember that my claim to fame was the infiltration and takeover of turd pages, replacing their admins with friends who would proceed to “goat” the page. It was a wild ride, one that I did not invent but still had a blast with, for nearly a year. During that time I became extremely proficient at creating alternate realities for myself, including entire networks of pages and groups to lure victims in for the kill.

Sorry for the history lesson, but it’s important that you understand exactly how the story I’m about to tell came to pass.

In my undercover travels, I decided to find out all I could about a particular hate page that friends of mine have been relentlessly attacking. The page is masterful at inviting racism without actually being reportable by asking questions that will elicit very particular responses. In conservative circles, the more racist your page and its followers are, the more likes and shares you get. It’s why the whole “Trump isn’t afraid to speak his mind” thing is so appealing to these idiots. They love being able to shout racial slurs in public places.

I’m not going to expose my contact, as that would be too close to my alt, a profile I’ve worked hard to make viable, but I am going to expose what I’ve learned about the bulk of right-wing conspiracy theories. It isn’t American conservatives who sit around and think up this crap; they’re not nearly creative or intelligent enough. The bulk of the right-wing blogs spreading the crazy are foreigners with zero stake in American politics.

What are they up to? Are they looking to change or manipulate the political landscape of America? Do they hope to start the next civil war? Do they intend to engage the “Second Amendment people” to the point they all start shooting in a fit of rage? No, it’s nothing anywhere near that nefarious. They’re in it for the money.

You see, conservatives will click on anything. If you feed them a bullshit headline like, “Matt Damon Switches To Trump,” they’ll click on it, read a line or two, convert it to reality in their narrow little minds and continue on to click on all the shiny things like those ads for the biggest boobs in America or the best asses in America come from THESE states. They click ads like there’s no tomorrow, because they’re idiots. The ads are as ridiculous as the headlines, and in most cases, if you run a decent web advisor, your system won’t even let you go without clicking an “I accept the risk” disclaimer.

That brings us to the evidence. I’ve convinced my contact, who will only be revealed by his first name, Alan, that I’m looking to partner with him and invest some money into advertising his page. I learned long ago that the secret to winning over a conservaturd is greed. I became interested in learning more about one of his new friends and possible sharing partners after this conversation. My alt goes by the name Jeremy:


As you can see, Alan is a piece of trash himself, but he’s completely under my spell. I decided to look into the “bitch” in question and discovered quickly exactly how her con works. She goes by the name “Nicole Vita” and runs at least five conservative groups. She gets conservative men to follow her and join those groups using pictures of herself that look like this:


The funny thing is, while she posts pictures like this all the time, gathering all kinds of “yeeeeehaw!!!” and “Damn, girl, you’s hotter than a two dollar pistol” comments, they’re never of the same girl twice. The groups continue to grow in size, and other than comments about how “hot” she is and how much they hate Obama and Hillary Clinton, Nicole is the only one allowed to post. The pictures she uses come primarily from this Google Plus account, which is nothing but a dumping ground for confederate flag calendar girls:


Well. Now that I understand how the scam works it’s time to get more information. First and foremost, I need to find out who she really is. The sites she runs are called Americanews24.org, Anews24.org and TrumpNews2016.org. All 3 of those come up with Whoisguard blocks registered in Panama, but if you go back far enough in her group you’ll see links to another, now defunct domain: Americanews24.com. THAT domain is listed to Mhd (Mohammed) Al Alwan from Damascus, Syria, who now lives in Sweden:


Al Alwan’s Facebook page has very little on it. One extremely important clue about him is an MTV Syria video that takes average Europeans for a tour guided by their DNA to show them just how similar they are to Syrians. The video comes with a tagline in Arabic that roughly translates to, “your problems are our problems, we are all the same. Love can conquer extremism.”

So the question becomes, why would this man be serving up conservatives with bullshit and hate to fuel their fire? I’ve pondered it myself and can only come up with two possibilities: either he knows that they hate him simply for existing and enjoys duping them and making them look foolish or he really doesn’t care, needs the money and knows they’re simpletons who will click anything.

Either way, it looks very bad for conservatives. Not only are they falling for fake headlines about liberals switching sides, Hillary Clinton’s impending arrest or charges being filed against Barack Obama for treason, they’re falling for them from someone they hate who is laughing all the way to the bank.

Yes, it’s true. If you hear your crazy Uncle Rudy tell you all about how Denzel Washington has officially backed Trump, you can send him the Snopes article AND let him know he got his information from a probable Syrian Refugee named after the prophet of Islam.

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