Righties Don’t Really Care Where The President Is During Crisis Unless He’s A Black Dude

As you well know, the Syrian crisis escalated in the past couple of days, and on Thursday evening Donald Trump decided to make a statement, launching a cruise missile attack against a Syrian government controlled airfield. Then he came out and issued a statement on the response to the Assad government’s chemical attack on civilians from his “Southern/Winter/I’ll go here whenever I want because I can” White House aka the Mar-a-Lago Resort.

Yes, once again, our dear God-Emperor ordered a military action and oversaw (We assume he oversaw. He may have ordered another shrimp cocktail right after he said “go.”) the attack from somewhere other than the White House situation room.

The über-patriots in right-wing media are righteously enraged.

President Trump is stirring resentment over his refusal to interrupt his Mar-a-Lago vacation to oversee the cruise missile attack on Syria — The Washington Times

President Trump refused to return to Washington on Thursday evening to oversee the cruise missile attack on Syrian, choosing instead to stay at his Mar-a-Lago golf resort. — Washington Free Beacon

As he did during the Navy SEAL raid in Yemen, Trump chose to monitor the missile attack on a Syrian airbase from his Florida resort, NOT from the White House situation room — CNS News

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Oh, did I say that right-wing media said those things about Trump? My bad. Here are the correct quotes:

President Obama is stirring resentment over his refusal to interrupt his Martha’s Vineyard vacation to survey the Louisiana flood — the worst U.S. natural disaster since 2012 — while drawing comparisons to President George W. Bush’s hotly criticized response to Hurricane Katrina in the same state. — The Washington Times, August 18, 2016

President Obama headed to a golf course moments after receiving reports that a truck had plowed through a Christmas market in Berlin in a potential terrorist attack, according to White House pool reports. — Washington Free BeaconDecember 19, 2016

Earlier this month, the commander-in-chief was also playing golf at Martha’s Vineyard during the funeral of Major General Harold Green, the highest-ranking U.S. officer killed in battle since the Vietnam War, who was buried at Arlington National Cemetery. In fact, few international or domestic emergencies have diverted the president from his pre-planned activities. — CNS NewsAugust 29, 2014

Right-wing outrage over Trump seemingly being everywhere except the White House when he has ordered military action? Cue crickets.

At least one idiot is going to tell me “Oh, but he is hosting the President of China at Mar-a-Lago! He couldn’t just leave him there!!”

To which I respond, “Dude (or Dudette), why did he think he had to meet the President of China somewhere other than Washington? And when this crisis arose, why couldn’t those plans have been changed?”

Trump just looooooooooooves Mar-a-Lago. And he no doubt wanted to meet President Xi Jinping there so he could play a dictator’s game of “my palace is biglier than yours.” That means actually moving the meeting to Washington during a crisis — a real, shooting war crisis, not a natural disaster or terrorist attack — was simply out of the question.

I guess Trump loves Mar-a-Lago and golf more than he loves America. And I guess those Obama-hating righties are just fine with that.

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