Trump’s African-American RNC Speaker Caught In YUGE Lies…So He Blames Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

Mark Burns, the South Carolina pastor who regularly introduces Donald Trump at campaign events, was recently spotted at a CNN interview with smoke rising from his trouser region. After a couple of questions and an embarrassing moment of silence, it was discovered that Burns’ pants were, in fact, on fire.

While giving a speech at the Republican National Convention, Burns’ website was live with false information claiming he had earned a bachelor’s degree and served for six years in the Army Reserves. In reality, Burns never finished his degree and served in the National Guard, from which he was discharged in 2008.

Why the lies? Because it’s what Republicans do. Burns released a statement that the website was embellished because he was afraid as a younger man that he “wouldn’t be taken seriously” if people knew he was a dropout who had been discharged from the National Guard rather than an active-duty hero with enough drive to complete something he started. There’s no explanation as to why as an older man the lies had to continue, but watching him squirm is certainly a boatload of fun:

That just looked…painful. The four or five seconds of complete silence were perhaps the finest of the entire interview, as you could see the embarrassment, hate and rage commonly found in a Trump supporter boiling to the surface. Rather than actually taking responsibility for his actions, Burns claimed he would and then blamed his lies on Hillary Clinton.

We hope however much Trump is paying you is worth it, Pastor Burns. You should actually ask for a raise now that your credibility has been elevated to that of his wife.

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