Russia Is Finding Out What We Already Know: Trump Is Insane (VIDEO)

There’s a big meeting coming at an as yet unspecified date between Donald Trump and the man he wants to be his BFF, Vladimir Putin. NBC News is reporting that the Kremlin is preparing a psychological write-up on Trump in preparation for that meeting. It’s not really necessary. Just watch anything he says or does and it should be easy for Putin and his advisors to figure out that Trump is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

The psychological dossier is being prepared by former Russian diplomats and some of Putin’s staff, according to NBC. One of those officials, former Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Fedorov, said that Trump doesn’t appreciate who he is dealing with when it comes to Putin. “He doesn’t understand fully who is Mr. Putin,” Fedorov said. “He is a tough guy.”

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From what Fedorov said, the report will note Trump’s enthusiasm for picking fights that he is unlikely to win, such as his attacks on the media. Fedorov also believes Trump either doesn’t recognize or refuses to admit his weaknesses, saying that our God-Emperor should listen more to his advisors.

Trump is not living in a box — he is living in a crowd. He should listen to the people around him especially in the areas where he is weak.

While it is standard practice for foreign leaders to be briefed on the policies, positions, strengths, and weaknesses of another head of state prior to a first-time meeting, NBC says the complete dossier on Trump’s mental state, inclinations, and tendencies is unusual. But then, the entire presidency — hell, the entire persona — of Donald J. Trump is, to be charitable, “unusual.” It’s not clear what Putin hopes to learn from this report; if he wants to see Trump’s insanity in its full-blown glory, all he has to do is turn on an American newscast.

Here’s the report, via NBC News:

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