Samantha Bee Returns And Brings The Hammer Down On Trump’s Taco Moron (VIDEO)

Samantha Bee is back, and of course her first target was Donald Trump. However, rather than hitting him directly, she decided to go after the guy who is probably the WORST Hispanic outreach person you’d ever think of hiring for your campaign.

Call him Uncle Tomás, because I’ve never seen a more obedient-to-his-white-master self-hating guy before in my life. The dude is insane with this stuff.

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He actually said that his own culture and people are primitive, and implied they are thieves that will take anything they can get. Watch out for your hubcaps people, he’s serious.

What more can you really say about all this? Apparently a lot. Samantha’s team did some further digging on him and lined up a list of embarrassing facts and shameful shenanigans that he’s been involved in over the years. When you hear it… well, you’ll know why he loves Trump so much.

Watch the taco truck guy get steamrolled by Samantha below:

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