Sarah Palin Hammered On Twitter After Praising White Man For Pulling Gun On Protesters (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Sarah Palin finally put down her crack pipe long enough to chime in on the unrest in North Carolina over the murder of the 311 kajillionth black man gunned down under suspicious circumstances by police this year. Let’s just say she’s not a fan.

“They’re not protestors [sic], they’re rioters,” Palin tweeted, “and this changed some things!”

What’s “this,” you ask? Palin linked an article from Independent Journal Review covering an incident Friday night in which a white man in a car pulled a gun on a crowd of protesters and was allowed to leave without so much as a ticket. After protesters shut down the freeway, one man found the inconvenience too much to handle and pulled out his trusty handgun, waving it at protesters.

“Oh sh*t! He has a gun! He has a gun!” one member of the crowd can be heard screaming in video of the incident. Then he opens his car door as though he was going to get out and start shooting. A police officer can be seen calmly approaching the man like he didn’t just wave a gun at a crowd of people (white skin has its privileges). After a brief and apparently friendly conversation, the officer allows the man to leave despite the crime he committed.

At minimum, the man committed assault, which is punishable by up to thirty days in jail and up to a $1,000 fine if the man in the car has a clean record. But Officer Friendly (probably not the cop’s real name) just cleared a path through the protesters for the gun-waving ammosexual.

For some reason, Sarah Palin and her idiot fan club view this officer’s failure to do his job properly — the same sort of thing that has spurred many protests across the country — as some sort of victory.

But of course a dedicated band of truth-tellers showed up to kick these Teabillies in whatever they have that passes for teeth these days:

When Hillary Clinton talked of Trump’s “basket of deplorables” this is what she meant: Sarah Palin, the morons who follow her, and anyone who thinks people don’t have the right to protest if their skin is darker than a “flesh”-colored crayon.

This incident proves protesters’ point. A white gentleman was given a free pass to threaten a crowd of African-Americans in front of the entire world. Good thing he wasn’t holding a book…or a toy truck.

Watch injustice present itself below:

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