Sarah Palin Just Bashed Her Face Off A Rock…So She Attacked Hillary Clinton (IMAGES)

This isn’t the kind of thing you see every day. Half-term quitter Sarah Palin, while doing some “rock running,” tripped and fell face-first, which in her eyes is the perfect reason to bash Hillary Clinton. Why? Because according to Palin, Hillary hasn’t been seen in weeks. Her campaign has ground to a halt. She’s nowhere to be found. She’s “laying low” and just waiting out the election cycle.

This all has to do with the latest conservative myth that Hillary Clinton is in a state of failed health because she was spotted using a pillow for lumbar support and tripped while walking up a set of stairs. Nobody ever just trips and falls, do they, Sarah? Oh…wait…

Here’s Palin’s Facebook post in all its stupid glory:


Now, color me wrong, but I don’t believe anyone is calling the idiots on the right misogynist for the Hillary health crisis “scandal,” from what I’ve seen, we’re calling you morons. Let’s take. for example, the myth that Clinton is absent and hiding. Here’s her schedule of events for the next few days:

hillary events

It’s going to be tough for her to do that from her sick bed. I hope it all works out.

Let’s get down to the truth of this post by the Wasilla waste of oxygen. It’s just another attempt by a has-been to keep herself relevant and beg for attention. Otherwise, why the pictures? Yeah, that’s right…the post came complete with pictures of her mangled face, reminding us what she might look like after an evening of drinking with her son, Track:




Poor Sarah…Next time just post the pictures with a plea for pity. No need to pretend you have any idea what’s happening in the real world.

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