Sarah Palin Just Confirmed Her Psychiatrist’s Diagnosis In This Facebook Post

Sarah Palin is seriously risking the death of her last few working brain cells over the hyperventilating panic she’s engaging in on her Facebook account. A clueless motorist was driving past a shipment of armored vehicles that were intended for UN use when they snapped the following picture, which they uploaded to Facebook. The Daily Mail picked up the picture and before you knew it, Sarah Palin was saying that the UN was planning on invading America.

Queue the right wing panic button…

Here is all the proof Sarah Palin needs of Barack Obama using the UN to steal you guns, chickens, and children not necessarily in that order.

via The Daily Mail

Never mind the fact that no human beings are physically present in the vehicles, and they are being shipped on a flat-bed. This definitely means that Obama is going to declare himself emperor before November 2016.

Sarah’s simply mind blowing Facebook post is transcribed below, in case she deletes it due to embarrassment.


Just asking… have Americans forgotten we have every right to know where our tax dollars go for UN activities, and Congress has every responsibility to do the asking?

American taxpayers ponied up around $3.024 billion last year for the United Nations’ regular and peacekeeping budgets, more than what 185 other countries combined are paying. – CNS News

Congress also has a responsibility to oversee the Administration’s unexplained actions. There’s truly no need for our government to keep citizens in the dark about expenditures like these. We’re seeking answers:

Well let’s give Sarah some answers! Shall we?

The trucks were built by Alpine Armoring. They appear to be their Pit Bull VX Swat Truck. Alpine Armoring was contacted by the Daily Mail and Alpine informed them that they were built and sold to the UN for use in Africa. You know, the “country of Africa” as Sarah Palin once said?

The fact that the first source that everyone is quoting clearly said THEY ARE GOING TO AFRICA didn’t stop Sarah and her idiot brigade.

One user, Bobby Wayne Guinn, suggested more trucks were currently deployed with a full compliment of armed troops in Texas. Obviously they aren’t but at least he tried his best to Facebook like a big boy.


Apparently it’s standard for the UN to move around its assets in plain view on flatbeds within the countries it intends to overthrow, before it overthrows them. I mean if everyone sees the trucks, surely nobody will know that they have to get their guns ready. Right?

UN trucks are to gun sales what Snowstorms are to bread and milk. Expect the AR15 to be in high demand.

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