Sarah Palin Just Made A Complete Fool Of Herself Because It’s Tuesday And Of Course She Did

Sarah Palin made an egregious error in judgment last week when she pointed to the fact that Lord Cheeto’s deal with Carrier reeked of crony capitalism. It was quite possibly the most honest thing the half-term half-wit has ever said. In a (not so) stunning reversal of that position, Palin has now decided that reports of her telling the truth are, in fact, “fake news.”

Ahhhh, “fake news.” Buzzfeed’s solution to the fact that they get called out more than anyone for posting false, hyperbolic headlines has taken us into a new era of silliness. Yes, we should all be wary of the supermarket tabloids. Yes, we should all recognize that 46.3 percent of all stories from right-wing blogs are fake. We should also recognize that 73.4 percent of all internet statistics are made up. I just made that up.

Whether you’re reading the National Enquirer or clicking on any of the pages in the Addicting Info network, the chances that you’re reading something fake are pretty good. However, when the news from the left, the right, the center and our friends overseas all tell the same story, you have to consider that there’s some merit to it.

That’s what happened when Palin questioned the Trump’s motives for the Carrier deal. CNN and Fox News reported the same thing as The New York Times and Breitbart: Palin called Trump out for crony capitalism. Herr Trump must have threatened her with taking away the possibility of a job she’s not qualified for in his administration, as evidenced by this, the saddest, most embarrassing attempt to save face of her career:

Complete with a link to Snopes that debunks one of the stories about her and two of the most recognizable tabloid headlines in history, Palin tossed in a headline from The Blaze about her telling the truth to make the point that it was a lie. Unfortunately, she won’t be finding a link to a fact checker to post that debunks this one. This one isn’t just true; she wrote it herself.

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Another sad day in the sad life of a right-wing jackass who can’t even tell the truth when the truth goes better. It’s a shame, Sarah…we all gained a smidge of respect for you for a moment there.

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