Sarah Palin Praises The Sport She Once Said Was For ‘Terrorists’ Because #MAGA

Sarah Palin is pimping her low traffic website again; this time to give the mighty God-Emperor Trump accolades for bringing a major sporting event to the United States.

On Tuesday morning Palin issued this cryptic tweet:

The link takes you to where a brief story by Andrew Mark Miller, who writes much of the content on the former half-term governor’s site, announces:

BIG NEWS Breaks About The World Cup And Trump Is Right In The Middle Of It….

So, what’s the big news, and what does Daddy Trump have to do with it? It’s this: The U.S. is placing a bid for the 2026 World Cup. And Daddy has said “yes,” he thinks it would be ok for the brown-skinned kids to come over to play.

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But wait. Isn’t soccer a nasty Euro-centric sport enjoyed by liberals and all sorts of yucky people that Daddy wants to stop coming into the country? And in 2014 didn’t Palin say American soccer fans “love terrorists?” Well, Daddy says it will be ok…

The story on Palin’s site is short, but good for laughs on a number of levels. First, there’s the photo at the top. It’s the 2014 World Cup winning German team. OK, they won the tournament, but hey, this is Trump’s AMERICA. Where’s the U.S. team?

Then comes a quote from a Fox News story about the bid:

The United States launched its bid to co-host the 2026 World Cup with Mexico and Canada on Monday after gaining the support of President Donald Trump to pursue soccer’s showpiece amid heightened regional political tensions.

Hold on a second. The United States wants to co-host the tournament with Canada and Mexico? Co-host?? Is this how we #MAGA? Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. You were probably off in the arctic wilds killing moose or something and missed it, but did you know that in 1994 the United States hosted the World Cup ALL BY ITSELF??

Trump said “yes” and now the right is ready to add this to his list of accolades. But we don’t know yet whether the U.S. bid will be accepted by FIFA, the world soccer governing body. And if it is, there’s another guy who should get a fair amount of the credit: Bill Clinton.

In 2010 reported on a trip Clinton took to Switzerland, along with actor Morgan Freeman and American soccer star Landon Donovan, to make a pitch to hold another World Cup here in America. That effort was an attempt to win either the 2018 or 2022 tournaments, and it was unsuccessful. But it certainly put the U.S. back on FIFA’s radar again.

The World Cup is a big deal, and it would be great if the U.S./Canada/ Mexico bid is successful. Fortunately if the tournament does come back to North America it will arrive long after Trump is out of office, and the right can go back to attacking the “beautiful game” that now they suddenly love.

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