Sarah Palin’s Drunken Rant About Brexit Is The Dumbest Thing You’ll Hear All Day

So a huge and possibly catastrophic thing just happened. Britain left the EU. Global markets are in a bit of a panic and nobody is sure what will come of it. That means this is the perfect time for Sarah Palin to chime in with her expert opinion on this “Brexit” thing she keeps hearing people talk about.

After she spent a few hours learning how to spell Brexit, she felt qualified enough to talk about it so she then turned to Facebook and embarrassed herself one more time. Sarah wrote up an absolutely fabulous post which reminded the world that America still had the stupidest politicians on the planet, one of them being Sarah Palin.

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another…

The UK knew – it was that time. And now is that time in the USA.

The Brexit referendum is akin to our own Declaration of Independence. May that refreshed spirit of sovereignty spread over the pond to America’s shores!

Congratulations, smart Brits. Good on you for ignoring all the fear mongering from special interest globalists who tend to aim for that apocalyptic One World Government that dissolves a nation’s self-determination and sovereignty… the EU being a One World Government mini-me.

America can learn an encouraging lesson from this.

It is time to dissolve political bands that connect us to agendas not in our best interest. May UN shackles be next on the chopping block.

– Sarah Palin

News Flash: Sarah Palin says that it’s that time in the USA to leave the European Union! Is anyone going to tell her we were never in it in the first place?

The Brexit is not even close to the American Declaration of Independence. You see, Sarah, they also didn’t have to fight a war with the rest of Europe to leave the EU. Then there’s her applause for not giving in to fear mongering. Fear mongering is exactly what caused the Brexit to happen. It was right-wing fear mongering over “foreign interests” sending in scary Muslims refugees to destroy Britain that put people into a panic and made them vote against their own self-interests.

Sarah knows all about what our founding fathers did, though. Remember that time she talked about how Paul Revere rang bells and sent warning shots at the British invaders to let them know they won’t take our guns? Yes she really did say that. She is right about one thing. America CAN learn an encouraging lesson from this. The lesson is that Sarah Palin is the stupidest sack of obsolete protein on the planet.

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Sarah Palin’s Drunken Rant About Brexit Is The Dumbest Thing You’ll Hear All Day

So a huge and possibly catastrophic thing just happened. Britain left the...
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  • John B

    She’s right!
    It’s about time we cut lose Israel and their constant throwing of mud in the US eye.
    Oh wait….maybe she meant Saudi Arabia? More than likely she meant Hawaii, because she thinks foreigners come from there. Why does any bode report when she talks?