Scared Republicans Won’t Show Up To Town Halls, So Constituents Devised A Brilliant Plan

Republicans are scared. They’re scared that supporting Don the Con may mean the death of their careers in a few short years. They’re also scared not supporting him will be the death of their careers. They are still trying to push their far-right pro-one percenter agendas, but it has upset the masses — many are Republicans who bought into Trump’s populist agenda.

GOP lawmakers know there wasn’t massive voter fraud, and they know Hillary Clinton received 3 million more votes than Trump which means there is no mandate in this country for their agenda despite their victories.

Every February, Congress takes a short recess and our lawmakers are required to travel home to spend time speaking with their constituents. Many have held town halls and were shouted down by angry attendees. Many Republicans simply are avoiding their constituents altogether because they do not want to face angry voters.

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Constituents who were looking forward to asking their elected public servants questions or simply wanting to be heard about why issues are important to them have devised a plan to make Republicans look like fools. Everyone with a scaredy-cat lawmaker should consider copying this tactic in their own state.

The attendees made cardboard cutouts, dressed them up in suits and put them onstage where their missing lawmakers should have been and simply held the meetings without them.

Check it out:

This brilliant tactic demands public attention because it showcases the absurdity of a public official hiding out rather than engaging in peaceful forums — I mean, it’s not like we’ve dusted off our pitchforks and torches, yet. It also shows that perhaps the public is better served by an empty suit than some of the lawmakers running the country. And best of all it shows Republicans are simply scared of ordinary folks who are worried about losing their healthcare.

The message to Republicans is now clear: show up or ship out.

Watch some highlights from other town hall meetings and look for meetings in your area at the Town Hall Project:

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