Scientific Debate Polls Released: Trump Is A Stooge Who Lost YUGE According To ACTUAL Research

On Tuesday morning, Donald Trump tweeted out a collage of all of the “polls” that said he won the debate. Anyone with half a brain realized that his collage of Trumpiness was complete bullshit and now we can prove it with science.

When the debate was over on Monday night, three media outlets began polling viewers to find out who they believed the winner of the first match-up between the two presidential candidates and here is what they found:

It’s important note that Hillary didn’t just beat him by a little bit, she won by double digits. In other words: Hillary Clinton stomped all over Lord Cheeto™.

Despite the proof that he lost, Trump Campaign is standing by their unscientific polls that allowed his supporters to vote multiple times because of course he is. The giant man-baby and his low-information voters will never admit that he wasn’t the “Great Debater” they thought he would be. Instead they have tried to spin it by saying that he won despite Hillary being a big meanie, the great mic tampering conspiracy and moderator Lester Holt being super unfair and way too brown.

It’s okay, they don’t have to admit he lost to a girl because…

Featured image via The Daily Beast

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