Scott Baio Asks Internet The Dumbest Question Ever And The Internet Answers (TWEETS)

Question: Do you want an orange douchebag as president, or would you rather have affordable healthcare coverage without denial for pre-existing conditions? You can only have one! You’ve got till election day to decide.

This is the essence of the dumb question that Scott Baio asked the internet in a short video he sent out on Twitter.

Did you find Scott’s question hard to answer?

Incredibly, he isn’t joking. Scott thinks this really is a legitimately serious question and it deserves some kind of answer from the public.

Lucky for Scott, the internet took notice to his dumb question and opted to give him an appropriate response:

The choice is obvious, even to the general public. How any Republican can honestly ask a question like this is really beyond my comprehension. He’s practically endorsing Hillary by saying she’ll keep you secure in Obamacare for the rest of your life, where all Trump will do to help is call you a fat loser.

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We’re almost there folks. November 7th will be here before we know it and with a bit of luck, all this stupidity will be behind us after we get together and answer Chachi’s question with our vote.

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