Scott Baio Wins Stupidest Tweet Of The Week After Falling For Hoax (TWEETS)

Scott Baio really needs to take a vacation from the internet and detox this self-induced hyper-political fever within him that’s intensifying the closer we get to election day.

His condition is evidenced the latest example he gave of how to embarrass yourself over Twitter. In what must have been a fuming rage, Scott retweeted unbelievably SHOCKING proof of election fraud in the state of Oregon.

We took a screenshot, in case it gets deleted:


You see the thing he’s talking about? Democrat – Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine listed twice and poor Donald Trump is nowhere to be found! This truly is the scandal that will bring down Hillary, Obama, all the Democrats, George Soros, and CNN as well.

Chachi got hoodwinked. It’s photoshopped. Snopes even had it confirmed, yet good old Scott retweeted it without even attempting to check if it’s real. I’m not an unreasonable guy. I can understand not Snopesing everything you come across. But something this blatant surely would be in the media if it happened, so maybe it’d be a good idea for him to start looking things up before retweeting.

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It only took about 13 seconds (I actually kept track for the purpose of this article) to find the Snopes link. Unlike Scott, I never played the main character in a TV sitcom, so it’s surprising that I was able to succeed where he failed.

There’s a strong lesson to be learned from this, though, that nobody should forget even after the election is over. That lesson is that Scott Baio is an absolute idiot.

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