Scott Walker Has No Idea What A Fool He Made Of Himself With This Tweet About The GOP’s Birthday

Scott Walker and the modern-day Republican party deserve each other. Walker, Governor of Wisconsin and perpetual failure as a human being and the GOP, ruling party of the United States by recruiting tens of millions of perpetual failures as human beings, are definitely a perfect match. The party demands as much blind faith, idiocy and radical devotion as Walker portrays during every campaign he’s involved in.

That’s why when Walker tweeted out a happy birthday to his beloved party I had no choice but to laugh my phucking ass off:

If you’re confused by my amusement, you may be in need of a history lesson. You see, the Grand Ol’ Party that was founded in Ripon, Wisconsin was a party of northern progressives. They were liberals who believed in social safety nets, infrastructure, government that worked for the people and ending slavery. The first Republican elected president was Abraham Lincoln.

Sorry, Scotty, but you and your pals don’t get to take credit for any of those things. While the northern progressives were making plans to change our society forever, your great, great grandparents and their pals in the south were cutting holes in sheets, forming white supremacist cults, doubling down on their 2nd amendment rights to keep slaves in order and calling themselves “Democrats.”

Yeah, they love to play stupid when it comes to history. they love to pretend that the Republicans of today are anything like the Republicans in 1860. They love to pretend that Democrats are the party of the Ku Klux Klan even though that organization has backed the GOP in every single election since the New Deal sealed the fate of the platform change and Roosevelt, the first of the new era of Democrats, beat an anti-government, wealthy Republican who wanted to take our country back in time, by a landslide.

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Sound familiar? That’s because with the exception of Eisenhower, the last semi-decent Republican to hold the Oval Office, the GOP platform has been to take us back in time and return the power and wealth of our nation to those in the oligarchal ruling class. Walker is nothing but a corporate puppet doing the dirty groundwork of ending unions, blocking minimum wage increases, defunding public education and putting God back in government to keep the zealots who vote for ignorance satisfied that the gays won’t ever have rights and that nobody ever “slaughters” a zygote.

If this shmuck were to be sent back in time to the meetings held in that tiny building in Ripon, he’d sit there with a confused look on his stupid face while he scratched his bald spot as the progressives in the room — who were already far more intelligent 150 years ago than he’ll ever be — talked about things like equality and change.

Take your bullhonkey “Democrats wore white hoods” propaganda and sell it to a few more of the knuckleheads who voted to shoot themselves in the foot for broken promises last November, Scotty. We need them to all come out and learn the truth so next time we can just point at them and laugh.

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