Scumlord Cheeto Rubs The Trump U Settlement In The Noses Of His Victims For All To See (TWEETS)

He couldn’t just leave it alone. It was announced on Friday, to nobody’s surprise, that Donald Trump bought his way out of his Trump University issues for $25 million. What adds up to a drop in the bucket for him will have to suffice for all of his victims. The settlement also came with a clause that conveniently stated that Trump did nothing wrong and a gag order for the plaintiffs.

Al;righty, then, Lord Cheeto. You win…again. You continue to prove that money is all that matters in America. Congratulations, you giant pile of steaming dung. One would think the victory for Trump and the continued daunting task of kickstarting a new executive administration would be enough for him to just move on and let it go.

Oh…no. Not a chance. This is Donald J Oompa Loompa we’re talking about. He had no choice but to take to Twitter to rub it in the face of all of his victims and anyone who still had hope that he may eventually turn into a decent human being:

Only someone as narcissistic as Donald Trump could possibly be such a douche. Dozens of people were fleeced out of their life savings so they could sit in “classes” in hotel banquet halls and learn nothing. They were taught by unqualified nobodies, most of whom had never met Donald Trump, after being told the instructors were hand-picked by him.

None of that matters now, and it could have just been a footnote in history. I suppose it will still be just that, but not until Trump has time to gloat over it for a day or two. He even tossed a little dig in about how the settlement screws his victims:

Our President-Elect sure is a classy guy.

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