Sean Hannity Has A Sad After McMasters Exonerates Susan Rice For Non-Scandal

In news that’s sure to surprise nobody, Sean Hannity is upset yet again after it came out that Trump’s National Secretary Advisor, H.R. McMasters, has exonerated Susan Rice for any wrong doing.

Rice, McMasters’ predecessor for the Obama Administration, was accused of wrongly unmasking Americans — in particular, Trump associates — who were caught in phone calls with Russian officials. In a July letter sent by McMasters himself, he removed the “need-to-know” requirement on Rice, allowing her access to any classified information she ‘originated, reviewed, signed or received while serving.’

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This isn’t shocking. After all, in Rice’s position, it’s expected of her to ask the identity of American citizens that are caught in a call like that. In fact, it’s almost all but certain that McMasters himself has asked for names as well. This is normal.

Well, unless you’re a professional bootlicker like Sean Hannity, who was rather upset about the whole thing:


Honestly, Sean, to answer your first question: it’s this thing we call “standard operating procedure.” It’s not terribly complicated, you know.

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I’d note that Hannity doesn’t even bother trying to offer any sort of analysis, but really, going to Hannity for an analysis is like going to the Sahara Desert to find snow. You’ll find it, but it’s rare, and there’s not enough of it to be substantial or meaningful. But in either case, you will find a whole lot of hot air.

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