Sean Hannity Just Conducted The Dumbest Interview Of His Entire Career (VIDEO)

Hannity made history. He did it by doing something that is dumber than anything Donald Trump’s entire family — including Donald himself — have done so far this year.

Sean Hannity invited a guy named Jeff Rovin on his show to legitimize stories by the National Enquirer that alleged a “fixer” in the employ of the Clintons told the tabloid that he helped Hillary hide “secret sexual encounters with both men and women.” Rovin claims to be that fixer. He also claims that he’s coming forth because Donald Trump is being treated unfairly regarding all the accusations of sexual assault that are piling up against him.

Jeff Rovin is the former editor-in-chief of the Weekly World News. This fact is very important, so keep that in mind.

Here are some examples of the Weekly World News:

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Yes, these are real issues, showing the cover page story for each one.

Jeff Rovin, the “expert witness” that Hannity brought on his show, spent a good portion of his career helping to create what were literally fake news stories about the Clinton family. And Fox News used him as a “witness” in a story about Hillary having wild orgies. THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED ON A CABLE NEWS NETWORK!

Folks, I really don’t know what to say anymore. Are we in The Matrix? Are the government and our media colluding in one huge prank? Is Donald Trump really that big orange hairy monster from Looney Toons?

Fox News isn’t credible but for God’s sake does Hannity even make an attempt at quality control? I thought nothing in 2016 could possibly be more ridiculous than Donald Trump but again — I was WRONG.

Here’s a video cut of the interview:

Did you catch the part where the dude says that he’s “risking his career” by revealing this story? His career? Hahaha!

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All this being equal, though, there is one story that the Weekly World News ran which could actually be true. It’s this one:


I’m so ready for this election to be over.

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