Spicey Walked Into An Apple Store And All He Left With Was A Big Fat Public Shaming (VIDEO)

If you happen to have ever watched a White House press briefing, chances are you’re frustrated by Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s constant, obvious lying and peddling of propaganda for a president who is allergic to facts. From Day 1, Spicer set the pace for lying when he came out to bark at the press that the inauguration crowd size was the biggest crowd ever. Since that day there has been little improvement.

One way to relieve that frustration is by watching a woman yell at Spicer in an Apple store.

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Shree Chauhan was shopping this weekend when she ran into the Press Secretary in the DC-area. She confronted him and filmed the exchange for our delight and pulled no punches.

Chauhan asked Spicer:

How does it feel to work for a fascist?

Spicer’s response:

Such a great country that allows you to be here.

Chauhan felt like Spicer’s response was a comment on her race, as an American-born Indian. She later wrote about the encounter in a post on Medium:

It’s one thing to have a Twitter egg tell say you do not belong in America, it is quite another to have the Press Secretary of the United States of America do so. I am still astounded. And while I am fearless, I wonder how this administration will use its power to silence ordinary people like me.

It’s hard to imagine Spicer’s comment was about anything but this woman’s race. If I had berated Spicer, as a white woman, would he comment that I was “allowed to be here”? I doubt it.

This administration has consistently demeaned non-white people. When the President told reporter April Ryan to arrange a meeting between himself and the Congressional Black Caucus, that was a comment on her race, because he assumed all black people know each other. When Jorge Ramos was kicked out of a press conference early on after Trump skipped over him and wouldn’t answer questions about mass deportation, it’s hard to assume the exchange was about anything other than race. When Trump demeaned a federal judge by saying the judge couldn’t do his job correctly because of his race, that was as Speaker Paul Ryan called it then “textbook racism.”

When you have a guy like that running the country, it gives others permission to act out in kind. Spicer doesn’t fear a reprimanding from his boss for what seemed like his racially-charged comment — in fact, he’ll probably get a pat on the back.

Watch the video:

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