Sean Spicer’s Mush Mouth Sparked An Interactive Website That Lets You ‘Spicerize’ Your Name

Betsy DeVos is the exact opposite of the kind of person who should be working in public education. Rex Tillerson has no idea what being the Secretary of State entails. And Ben Carson isn’t a Housing and Urban Development expert just because he grew up poor. These people are the exact opposite of qualified for the roles they play in the Trump Administration, so it’s really no surprise Donald Trump would give a person like Sean Spicer the role as press secretary because he can’t speak clearly.

Spicer botches names. Spicer botches words. Spicer botches history. Spicer botches places. He Porky Pigs his way through press briefing after press briefing, jumbling names like Malcom Turnbull into Malcom Trumble and Justin Trudeau into Joe Trudeau and Bashar al-Assad into Bassad al-Ashar or simply “Asshad.” One time Spicer called pancreatic cancer “pankrabits cancer.”

Everybody misspeaks, but Spicer always takes it to a whole new level and he does it with such frequency it leaves everybody wondering how this guy got and still has his job.

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Our hilarious friends from Australia noticed and one web developer created an interactive program that lets you enter your name to see how Sean Spicer would f*ck it up.

Me? I got “Rosillo Stoneham.” Let us know in the comments what Spicer comes up with for you!

Click here to Spicerize your name.

Or as Sean Spicer would say, “Smick fear to Icerspize your flame.”

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