Searches For ‘Deplorable’ Rise 50,000% As Hordes Of Idiots Rush To See If They Qualify (INFOGRAPHICS)

USA Today reports that before the douchebags who support Donald Trump could be outraged at being called “deplorables,” they had to rush to their online dictionaries to find out what it meant:

The [Merriam-Webster] online dictionary reports that searches of the word “deplorable” increased by nearly 50,000% over the weekend.

The Google trending searches page also shows an impressive spike in searches for the word, from next to nothing to the top of the chart:

Just imagine how upset they were to find out that not only is “deplorable” a derogatory term, but a derogatory term that fits their racist, homophobic, misogynist, xenophobic beliefs to perfection.

For liberals, the word was easily recognizable, allowing us to immediately point at the imbeciles who make up the bulk of Trump supporteres (we think half is a kind estimate) to laugh hysterically. For liberal bloggers and meme makers, Secretary Clinton gave us the added bonus of supplementing our current arsenal of insults like “conservaturd,” “ammosexual” and “wingnut” with fun new terms like “basket member,” “picnic person” and “asshole.” Ok, so we always had the last one.

All in all, we rate this story somewhere between completely hilarious and absolutely priceless.

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