Serial Molester Josh Duggar Is Getting Sued AGAIN – But Surprisingly Not By A Woman

Josh Duggar’s forays into marital infidelity are a matter of public knowledge by this point in time. We all know the story: social media, Ashley Madison, OkCupid, and others were used by the good Christian and moral judge of others to cruise for women with which he could cheat on his wife.

It didn’t end well for him, to say the least. Now things are coming back to haunt him AGAIN with a brand new round of legal troubles stemming from his internet escapades.

Matthew McCarthy, a DJ based in LA, is accusing Duggar of stealing his pictures to use on Duggar’s social media and dating sites in an effort to keep his real identity secret, and probably because Josh looks like a slightly paunchy 9-year-old with a receding hairline.

TMZ reports that McCarthy is suing Duggar, because the association with the serial child molester and cheater has impacted his career and ruined his life, as people have turned to calling him Duggar’s boy toy, and DJ Duggar since the story about Josh’s multiple shortcomings had hit the media.

Here’s Duggar’s fake OK Cupid profile, where you can see his use of the DJ’s picture.

josh duggar okcupid

McCarthy told TMZ that the exposure that has happened because of this issue is already causing him to lose out on jobs, citing one example of a DJ gig he was denied because the club didn’t want to be associated with the Duggars or their son’s cheating or child molestation scandals. He also said he felt that the use of his picture by Duggar in these ways was a defamation of character.

If you wondered how Josh ever decided to settle on McCarthy’s picture out of all the ones on the internet, searching for the phrase “random guy” on Google Images brings up the picture used on OkCupid just a few rows down. Duggar may be creative with his online personas, but not so much with finding pictures to use with them.

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