Sexual Assaulter-In-Chief’s Fans Claim ‘Hamilton’ Actor Wants To Get Rapey With Their White Women

Over the weekend, “Hamilton” actor Brandon Victor Dixon had the audacity to ask Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who attended the Broadway play, to be a leader for all people in America in a moving speech that went viral. The speech sent our thin-skinned president-elect into a Twitter spiral, where he demanded Dixon and the rest of the cast apologize, but to many, Dixon expressed the anxieties many people are feeling towards our incoming administration.

But always eager to soothe Trump’s giant, but fragile ego, his base of support stopped suckling Trump’s teets long enough to dig up Dixon’s Twitter history and found one tweet that proved the star was the rapiest rapist of them all:

Right wing sites then ran stories with headlines such as:

  • #HAMILTON Star Makes Jokes On Twitter About “Black Dudes” Taking Sexual Advantage of Drunk “White Chicks”100 Percent Fed Up

  • BREAKING : “Hamilton” Actor Who Lectured Mike Pence, Writes Inappropriate Sexual Tweet About White WomenTruthfeed

  • ‘Hamilton’ Actor Who Attacked Pence Tweets About Raping Drunk White Women?Subject: Politics

This is so jam-packed with stupidity, lying, racism and hypocrisy, I don’t even know where to begin.

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First, the right-wing elected a man who was caught on a hot mic actually bragging about sexually assaulting women  because when you’re a star you can do whatever you want. Republicans had weeks to decide if this predatory behavior bothered them, and during those weeks women came forward with stories of Trump sexually assaulting them. But Donald Trump won the election, so it’s clear sexual assault didn’t bother the right-wing at all.

Isn’t it hilarious, as in abysmally depressing, that the right-wing only cares about the issue of sexual assault when it’s about a black man talking about hooking up with white women? Where is the outrage when actual rapists like Brock Turner are given slaps on the wrist and let go? There isn’t any. Right wingers are always the ones making excuses for rapists on college campuses or in the military, especially when victims are drunk. Now, they’re going to pretend they’ve always been the loudest voices in the room on consensual sex!? Fucking please. This concern is nothing more than a vehicle for their racism.

If you need further proof how racist the right-wing in this country is, look at the headlines above. If the right-wing didn’t care about race (as they often claim), “black man” and “white women” wouldn’t need to appear in a headline together. No, instead the right is dog whistling to their base that this black man is trying to hook up with white women the right-wing sees as belonging to them. This old belief of “black men raping our women” has a long, deadly history. In the past, lynchings were justified as “defending the honor of women” but what they really were was racial violence.

Phillip Dray, a historian, wrote about this exact sentiment we’re seeing in the articles about Dixon above:

Whites could not countenance the idea of a white woman desiring sex with a Negro, thus any physical relationship between a white woman and a black man had, by definition, to be an unwanted assault.

Dixon never said he wanted to find the drunkest freckled white girl in the room and have sex with her unconscious body. To say otherwise isn’t called a stretch, it’s called lying. This lie is so egregious, Dixon should consider suing for libel.

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And to say Dixon “attacked” Pence is also an outright lie. Dixon was congenial, cordial, and just asked Pence to reconsider his fascist, bigoted, hateful views towards certain Americans, but in words softer than mine. It’s not a baseless plea, Pence advocated for the barbaric gay conversion therapy in his state and tried to give people the right in his state to ostracize the gay community on religious grounds. Pence was sued by the ACLU for denying his state as a home to Syrian refugees, children at that. Pence also recently signed a law that forces women to give birth the fetuses with severe disabilities and forces them to give aborted fetuses funerals. Calling on Pence to ditch his strict, dominionist views is not an attack, it’s a cry for help.

To boot, these people have spent YEARS attacking our president. But as soon as their candidates get in the White House, people like Dixon aren’t allowed to ask Pence to simply consider he and Donald Trump are now leaders to millions of diverse Americans and to keep American values in mind in everything they do?

It’s going to be a very long four to eight years.

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