‘She Lied To My Face’ Rachel Maddow Exposes Trump Campaign Chair As Paid Liar (VIDEO)

The Trump campaign is not happy about this. After the HUGE “improvement” that Donald claimed to have made by hiring his new campaign chairwoman, Kellyanne Conway, she’s been proven by Rachel Maddow to be absolutely nothing more than a paid liar. And yes, she IS lying — not in the sense of normal Republican lies, but she’s knowingly spreading falsehoods regarding Donald Trump and Roger Ailes working together on his campaign by doing debate preparations.

There’s no refuting this one. Rachel lists off a blistering array of facts that prove, without a doubt, that there’s no possible way for this to be a misunderstanding or Kellyanne just being “out of the loop.” You can make the assertion that she’s doing this at Trump’s instructions, in order to try to hide the fact that he is working with Roger Ailes, former Fox News overlord and serial sexual harasser, who is now under massive target for multiple lawsuits by former female employees.

The optics of it are poor at best. Trump’s numbers with women are atrocious, and being seen working with someone like Ailes will just be another rolling embarrassment for the Trump campaign, considering that he will be attending debates hosted by Fox News themselves. Being asked on live TV by them, why he is working with their former disgrace of a CEO will truly kill his campaign’s chances with the few remaining women voters he has.

It’s rare to see Rachel so visibly perturbed the way she is in this interview. You can’t blame her, though, for being that way. The fact that Kellyanne sat and lied to her, so smugly and absolutely, on her own show is truly beneath contempt. In a way, Rachel got used by a liar to unwittingly spread Trump propaganda. She has every right to be pissed off.

Watch Rachel shred what’s left of Kellyanne’s career below:

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