Shep Smith Turns On Fox News, Refuses To Commit ‘Career Suicide’ By Lying For Trump (VIDEO)

Shep Smith must be awfully anxious to see his contract at Fox News come to an end. As the only person there with any kind of moral compass, it has to be difficult to consistently report a one-sided agenda formulated by the corporate elite to keep the masses of conservative dimwits believing the propaganda Fox is selling.

When reporting on the Commander-In-Chief forum disaster held on NBC by Trump apologist and sellout Matt Lauer, Smith refused to toss out the talking points he was handed by his bosses and instead told the truth:

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It truly is just that simple. Trump said, “I supported the war.” In no way does that translate to “I didn’t support the war.” It just…doesn’t. Shep is right that it would be career suicide to report such nonsense, but since his other cohorts at Fox don’t seem to care, he must be considering life after working for the Republican party’s lie machine.

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