Silence Any Conservative’s Whining About ‘Rigged Elections’ With This Single Image

There’s been way too much conservative bitching and moaning about “rigged elections” these past few weeks. I can’t stress enough how much I am at my wit’s end with it all. It isn’t just the whining either, although that’s is one of the bigger parts of it.

Conservatives are not going to let up with this crap, even after election day. With that in mind, it’s good for liberals to have things like this article to throw in their faces when they start using “rigged elections” as their “get out of debate free” excuse whenever they’re losing an argument with you.

Just show them this:


This is the map of all 50 U.S. states showing what the state-level governmental control is like by political party. The “trifecta” term means that the governor’s office, senate, and house are all controlled by the same party. The map shows blue for Democrats and Red for Republicans.

The point of this is that if elections truly are rigged, then Republicans have to admit they are the biggest offenders of it — period. They have more control now of American government as a whole than any other party. It’s the only explanation outside of the alternative idea that rigging doesn’t actually exist, though they wouldn’t ever accept that.

So with that in mind, I really want to know how the Republican National Committee is allowing this baloney to continue. This is well beyond being just another Republican talking point to use for 8 years of obstructing Hillary. Trump supporters actually believe this and think that the Democratic process of voting has been stolen from them in some way. They also happen to have too many guns, too little brains, and too much free time.

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There are already isolated reports of comments coming from Trumpers suggesting armed incidents be carried out after Trump loses. This election-rigging nonsense has already gotten dangerous enough. It’s time for the RNC to take a stand.

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