Trump’s Delusional Tuesday Tweet Proves Size REALLY Matters To Him

King Orange Marmalade I took to Twitter on Tuesday to share a photo he had been given of his inauguration ceremony. The tweet appears to be another shot at the media’s reports about the size of the inauguration crowd, with Trump saying the picture would hang “in the upper/lower press hall.” But there is so much wrong with the photo it’s hard to know where to begin.

This is the tweet:

The first thing that jumps out is the perspective. Usually photos of this type are taken either from the area in front of the podium, or from behind it. But this panorama was shot from the side of the crowd. And while the area near the Capitol steps is quite plain, with the crowd clearly visible, the National Mall, only a few hundred feet away, is so tiny that you almost can’t recognize it, or the fact that there were not many people there.

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But the best part of the photo is that it seems Trump failed to notice the photographer inscribed it with an incorrect date: “January 21, 2017.” That, of course, wasn’t the inauguration date — it was the date of the women’s march, which by all accounts dwarfed the crowd at the inauguration.

Trump really has a thing about size. Crowd size, hand size…things supposedly related to hand size. Oh yes, Emperor Thinskin needs to let this one go. The number of people attending his inauguration was comparable to most other recent inaugurations, except for Obama’s. He should be satisfied with that. But, since he was elected as the “anti-Obama” he has to prove that everything he does is bigger and better. And all he winds up doing is making a bigger, better fool of himself.

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