SNL Gave A Double Dose Of ‘Baldwin Trump’ Last Night And Trumpers Aren’t Going To Take It Anymore!

SNL didn’t just deliver another cold open with Baldwin doing his infamous Donald Trump impression, but also a second skit where the actor played both Trump and Bill O’Reilly. While most normal people enjoyed the double whammy and laughed – this was almost too much for Trump’s supporters and like a toddler who is tired and hangry – they went into meltdown mode.

OMG they are so upset! How dare a comedy show continue to mock their orange circus peanut tinted leader?!?!

At this point, I don’t understand why they don’t just ignore the show. That would be the logical thing to do. But, there isn’t much logic resting between the ears of someone who likes the current POTUS, so we really shouldn’t expect much from them.

They have taken their unfettered rage to the SNL’s Facebook page where they are sounding off about the “talentless hacks” who make us laugh week after week.

“Have to hear all week” because apparently this dude has a television that only gets CNN, MSNBC and SNL. Odd, I’ve never seen one like that but here this guy is, being forced to watch such things.

OMG guys, SNL is now part of the press and worse, they are now putting out propaganda. Doth thinks Sonny has confused Lord Cheeto’s Twitter feed for “real news” – who’s the idiot now?

I’m not exactly sure what this guy is trying to say considering like many Trump supporters, he doesn’t seem to have a full grasp of the English language he so loves, but I sense he is mad. He went full caps lock and all. . . you mad, Phil?

OMG! People are trading Republicans??? What are they trading them for?


Says the dude who is sporting a “Poison” profile picture. Yes, please tell us about originality. Clearly you’re an authority on such things with your love for 1980’s hair bands.

Watch the clip that enraged these Trumpers, here:

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