So, There Are A Lot Of Really F*cking Stupid Americans — That Doesn’t Mean We Give Up

So, Donald Trump is the President of the United States. I feared that result with all my being during the campaign, but I always seemed to quickly push it down deep thinking, “No way, Americans aren’t stupid enough to elect him.”

F*ck, was I ever wrong.

For over a year, I’ve written articles mocking the now President-Elect. I’ve written about Trump Twitter Tantrums™. I’ve written about p*ssy grabbing. I’ve written about the deplorables.

And, the deplorables won.

So what now? Where do we go from here?

As my disparity and tears dried to pure red rage yesterday, I felt absolutely powerless. It was the feeling I wouldn’t allow myself to feel all through that horrific campaign. It was the lump that I kept pushing deeper and deeper as I mocked what I was sure was a fluke. My unfettered rage has now turned to the steady anger that will fuel me through the next four years of his horrible presidency.

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It would be really easy to switch over to apathy at this point. Who the f*ck cares? Let it burn, right? But, giving up isn’t an option. There are way too many people who face ruination if the good guys give up the good fight. That’s what these f*ckers are hoping for.

Yeah, um, f*ck that noise.

We may have been knocked down, but we must get back up and come back with a vengeance. Because, that’s what we HAVE to do.

You in?

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