‘Spicer Facts’ Take The Internet By Storm…Because They’re HILARIOUS!

Earlier today, the Trump Administration gave its first press conference. This is normally a very important moment for the administration, since it sets the tone for how the administration and media are going to play together, and it lets the nation get acquainted with the new White House Press Secretary.

Yeah, no. We were better off before we knew this guy.

His Majestic Golden Shower’s new press sectary is named Sean Spicer, and, well… I’m not sure I can say he lost his mind, since I’m not sure he ever had one, but I can say this with complete confidence: that press conference was such a disaster it should be recognized as a superfund site.

The press conference was a relentless tear against the media for reporting on the inauguration crowd size (Trump is all about size, guys; when your fingers are small as his, you have to compensate anyway you can). The whole thing was just sad, petty, and bizarre — three adjectives I think we’re going to be using to describe Trump’s Administration many, many times over the next four years.

Which leads us to Twitter’s response to Spicer’s conference, and the glorious hashtag known as “Spicer Facts”:


And then there’s the hilarious account “Sean Spicer Facts” that grew out of this whole affair:

This is one of the funniest things on the internet, and it highlights yet another weakness of the Trump Administration — it’s inability to find anyone even remotely competent enough to do their job properly.

And unlike the B.S. Spicer spewed today during his train wreck of a press conference, that is a fact. Period.

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