Stormfront Nazis Cancel March After Failing To Raise Extra $60 For Permit

Welp, a super peaceful neo-Nazi group is not going to be able to hold their January 16 march because apparently they were unable to raise the money they needed for a permit. Andrew Anglin, publisher of The Daily Stormer, claimed their festival of love and inclusion wasn’t going to happen because city officials are being big meanies:

I have spoken at length with my lawyers – though the ACLU has yet to respond to my inquiry – and we’ve decided that due to the permit refusal by the city of Whitefish, we will need to postpone the planned march.

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According to Flathead Beacon News the reason the city has refused to issue the permit is because the neighborhood nazis just didn’t have their shit together:

On Jan. 9, the city received a cover page of the required application for a march on Second Street from Memorial Park to City Hall on Jan. 16 from 4-7 p.m. A $65 money order was attached to the application, well short of the city’s required $125 fee for parades. Also, the application did not include a certificate of insurance, a map of the planned route or a checklist of other items required before the city reviews an application.

Foiled  by  $60, a map and some silly insurance. Clearly, the sad wittle Nazis should have put more pennies into their white supremacist cookie jar before deciding to hold a march.


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