Stressed Over What To Buy Trump For Christmas? Here’s The Ridiculously Funny Answer (VIDEO)

I know what you’re thinking. “WHY would I want to get someone like Trump a Christmas gift?” You’ll understand when you see what it is.

There’s a brand new Vladimir Putin calendar out for 2017, and each month includes a picture of Donald Trump’s boyhood crush. We have Putin in a wetsuit — Putin riding a horse — Even Putin with a kitten! It’s the perfect Secret Santa gift that everyone in America can mail to Trump Tower this holiday season.

Here’s a short video showing what Trump will draw glitter hearts on each month:

Donald can hang this in his bedroom right next to the poster of Scott Baio during his “Chachi” years on Happy Days. Remember, this is the guy that dreamily tweeted about Putin becoming his “new best friend” during a trip to Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant.

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After Trump is rejected by America in November, he’s going to need some serious help. His business cred is shot. He’s almost broke. Hopefully one of his kids allow him to live in their basement.

But hey, at least he can have Putin with a kitten!


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