Success Of The NRA’s Domestic Terror Campaign Was Proven Today In A Way That Shames America

The terrorists have officially won. I don’t mean the ones that come from the Middle-East. I’m talking about the real source of the majority of terrorism that occurs in the United States. This terrorist group that threatens America the most is one that is not only completely legal, but many regular Americans belong to it. It’s called the NRA, and we let them get away with what they’re doing to us.

Terrorists “win” when they make us change our behavior to accommodate them, whether by active choice or by emotional reaction. The NRA has clearly accomplished this, as evidenced in the following thing that happened at Orlando’s Florida Mall.

A fire-suppression system was being tested at a restaurant scheduled to be opened in the mall. The inspection included the popping of 6 large balloons, which is part of an industry-standard test. This was followed by a test of the audible alarm system.

That’s where it all went wrong, thanks to the state of our society due to the NRA. People mistook the sounds of the balloons for gunfire, starting a panicked stampede in the mall in an attempt to flee what they thought was another mass shooting.

9 people were injured during the panic. 4 of them had to be transported to local hospitals, all because of balloons popping. This is why the NRA won it’s campaign of domestic terror.

Imagine what would have happened if some “patriots” were carrying guns, and two of them both showed up at the same time, not knowing if the other was a shooter or a “good guy with a gun.” They could have started a gun fight, and people could have died.

There was even an announcement over the PA system in the mall that there would be a test. People still panicked and fled. This is how bad it is.

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The ultimate joke is the hypocrisy from Republicans on this issue. They’ll boldly declare that the American government won’t bow to terrorist demands, then immediately they will turn around and cower to the NRA, giving in to every demand they have. It’s freaking embarrassing that a popping balloon now counts as a potential terrorist attack in the Land of the Free. Thank a Republican for it.

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