Super-Narcissist Donald Trump Manages To Make Phyllis Schlafly’s Death All About Him (TWEETS)

Donald Trump wasted no time taking advantage of the death of conservative icon and advocate for delivering women back to the stone age, Phyllis Schlafly. Schlafly, who died Monday 30 years too late, is largely responsible for such wondrous political anomalies as Barry Goldwater and the Moral Majority, was a staunch Tea Party conservative and beat the drum for Ronald Reagan for more than three decades.

In other words, while you may have had people who loved you and my condolences go out to them for their loss, the world is still much better off without you. Buh bye.

Trump had nothing of consequence to say about Schlafly other than how great she was for one reason above all else:

It was more like a…well, I guess I’ll endorse him since the alternative is a woman who refuses to stay home and bake cookies, but I digress. Early Tuesday morning Trump used her death for personal gain once again with this wonderful tribute to himself:

Yes, please…everyone run out and buy a book of outdated ideologies that go against everything Trump and his daughter have tried to say he’s for. Not that I would ever read such trash, but certainly his stay-at-home wife factors into his appeal with Schlafly and people who think like her.

Nonetheless, Trump has shown that the only compassion he truly has is that which serves him. Had Schlafly not endorsed him he would have ignored her death completely, which is more along the lines of what she deserves.

Phyllis Schlafly was an outdated relic whose ideas have destroyed the Republican party at least once. She and Trump will always have that in common.

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