Super-Patriot Trump Did Yet Another Stupid Thing His Base Will Ignore Because ‘Merica First!

Nobody loves America and our American symbols more than Donald Trump. Or so says Donald Trump. Remember when he threw a Twitter fit because there were no American flags on the stage during the first night of last year’s Democratic National Convention? And he is oh so quick with the salute when he’s in the presence of “the troops,” even though that gesture is not proper from a civilian.

But His Orange High-ass almost missed a patriotic gesture that is right and proper for civilians as he witnessed the White House Easter Egg Roll from his perch on the White House balcony. And even more pathetic, it took an immigrant to remind him of what he was supposed to be doing.

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Lis Power from Media Matters tweeted a short segment of video from CNN showing Trump standing next to Melania on the balcony as a Marine singer begins to perform The Star Spangled Banner. Watch Melania’s hand  immediately go to her heart as the singer starts. Even 11-year-old Barron knows what to do. Then watch closely as Melania nudges the God-Emperor to remind him where his hand should be.

As usual, Twitter had plenty to say about the incident.

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A couple noticed that when Trump did raise his hand to his chest, he didn’t exactly place it on his heart.

Of course the right lost it several years ago when then-candidate Barack Obama was captured on film standing with his hands clasped in front of him during a performance of the national anthem. While Obama was doing the same thing many of us do when we hear “The Star Spangled Banner,” he wasn’t following the protocol outlined in the “Flag Code.” And that wasn’t satisfactory to the right. But don’t expect to hear anything from that crowd about Trump.

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