Supreme Leader Trump Decides To Squash The Pesky New York Times–So They Made A Fool Of Him

Donald Trump’s biggest nemesis is the truth. The New York Times, being historically on the side of truth, has become public enemy number one in Lord Cheeto’s new empire.

Showing that he is no more presidential now than he was during the campaign, the new Führer has decided to continue his twitter war with reality, using The New York Times as his springboard to pure, unadulterated propaganda. His Excellency, Lord of the Gold Spraypaint, had himself an interesting day on Twitter Sunday, leaving little doubt that we can expect four years of raw stupidity from the leader of the laughing-stock of the free world:

Well then. That’s not what happened at all. The New York Times acknowledged that like most news sources, they put too much stock in polling data and learned some valuable lessons that will help them grow and report more accurately in the future. They never said their reporting of King Oompa Loompa was wrong, bad or untrue. The very essence of this tweet is childish and crass; exactly what a quarter of Americans wanted in their president.

This was covered again and again in the debates. Trump sat in front of a camera and declared that countries at risk of being invaded by hostile enemies should be able to defend themselves by obtaining nuclear weapons. If he doesn’t believe me, or his own fading memories, maybe he could ask his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, to call over to Breitbart to fact-check this story:


I mean…come on, Donniekins…there’s even video. Try to set aside your need to lie when the truth goes better, admit that the New York Times has your number and move on with your life.

The best part about this particular tweet is that there is no opposition. On any Donald Trump tweet, you’ll find tons of comments from people who despise the fact that an orange troll with bad hair is about to conference call with the West Wing every couple of days while he secretly runs his own business as usual from Trump Tower. On this tweet, the most obvious lie, there’s just…nothing. Has the censorship begun?

And last but not least, Trump has yet again pulled some statistics from his baboon-like ass:

Oh nooooos! The New York Times is going under for saying true things Donald Trump didn’t like? Is this for real?

Ummmm….no. At least, not according to the new York Times, who saw the perfect opportunity to make a fool of the fool in the most public way possible:

Don’t want to delete and block something that high-profile, do ya Trumplestiltskin?

After the election there was a time I considered going easier on Trump, as he tweeted and spoke of unity, embraced a couple of aspects of the ACA, promised not to take a salary to play pretend POTUS, etc…but that time has passed. This man hasn’t come close to earning our respect. Yes, he is our President in name and constitutional power. Yes, he will be our commander-in-chief. He will also, if his behavior just one week after the election is an indication, continue to be a complete stooge; incapable and unqualified to hold the office he just won.

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