Sweet Karma! Second Major Candy Brand Openly Denounces Deplorable Trump

Tic Tac USA released a statement on Twitter denouncing, without saying his name, Trump’s recently revealed audio comments where he bragged about the fact he was able to sexually violate women and get away with it because he’s rich and famous.

Trump talked about needing some Tic Tacs because he might have had to kiss a woman he was forcibly groping and fondling without her consent. I’m sure that minty fresh breath will severely lessen the mental and emotional trauma caused by attempted rape, which his victims had to endure afterward.

The mere mention of a brand from Trump in any way other than negative is now enough to compel companies into denouncing and distancing themselves from him. Clearly Tic Tacs had nothing to do with this, but he is just so freakin’ bad that they couldn’t live with themselves if they didn’t say something. You have REALLY got to suck as a human being to achieve this level of boobery.

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Just 4 years ago, if anyone had said that something would happen to force candy makers to weigh into U.S. presidential politics, I’d have told them they were nuts. I would have been wrong.

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