Take A Look At These Idiots–The Series: Trumpanzees Band Together Behind Their Orange Savior

Welcome to the first in what I intend to make into a legendary series about the faction of America dumb enough to even at this point, still believe and trust in Donald. F*cking. Trump. I like to call the radicalized Americans, Trumpsters and my personal favorite: Trumpanzees. They are the dregs of modern society; a scourge on civilization. They previously lived under rocks and behind embarrassing memories of how our country used to operate.

Trump came along and picked the low-hanging fruit straight from the trees and bushes of backwoods America. He put into place a plan to take the votes of everyone wishing to live in constant fear who believes that a black man ruined us for eight years without any real argument as to why. Those people, the Trumpster base, are by far the dumbest, most ignorant pool of people I have ever experienced, and I’m a Liberal Troll in the dumb business for a living.

So…with four years of being called “snowflake” and told to “get over it” by a bunch of inbreds wearing confederate flags looming, I did what any Troll in my position would do. I started a collection. I used targeted advertising and Facebook’s own demographics information to build a page of 120K idiots. Pure, unadulterated fist-shakers. By exposing the page, which is clearly labeled entertainment and makes fun of them in 11 different ways, to other liberals I have created a social experiment that is absolutely incredible to watch. No matter how much bullhonkey you feed these turds, they keep coming back for more. Even those who choose to shout “Fake News!” come back again to…I don’t know…see if we got it right this time?

Now with the troll in place and the page and website clearly branded satire and never a reliable news site by every fact-check service available, it’s just become a free-for-all. I produce videos to spread to conservative groups to replace the very small number of likes I lose from being such a “stupid libtard” by the handful of people smart enough to figure it out. Here is the kind of thing the Trumpanzee can really get behind:

They are truly convinced that everything that has to do with Russia is a lie. They will believe that Benghazi was an inside job and that Obama had Bin Laden sleeping over in the Lincoln Bedroom but they can’t believe, with a mountain of evidence gathering and a pile of political casualties in the White House shredder, that Donald Trump, known scumbag, could have possibly done anything wrong.

Here are some of the finer responses:

As you can see, these people aren’t rational. They aren’t going to be swayed. No miracle will be pulling them from the chosen path of their Orange Savior, Donald Trump.

What we can do is stay banded together. Show this idiocy to everyone. Make sure the young people and children know that the Republican party and these assholes are nothing but bully politics. They have hijacked words like “honor” and “integrity.” They stole “patriot” and the American flag years ago. These people do not stand for what our America stands for. Every single one of them can be broken down to sad little racist sheep who need to follow. They need to have thei next fix of hate hand-fed to them.

Show everyone. This is the real alt-right. This is how they really think.

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