TaxGate™: Marla Maples May Have Just Gotten The Ultimate Revenge On Donald Trump

The internet has been going wild since Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s 1995 tax returns mysteriously appeared at the New York Times and we all want to know who sent them. Some people think it was Tiffany Trump, the child who he seems to ignore the most. Others think it was one of his enemies in the casino industry, but a few folks have a far more plausible person in mind: Marla Maples.

Maples, as you recall, was Trump’s second wife and former mistress. The two, who have one child together (Tiffany), were only married for six years before the self-proclaimed billionaire kicked her to the curb. And the way he did it was pretty f**king disgusting. Instead of telling her that he had filed for a divorce like a decent human being, Trump leaked the divorce papers to the tabloids and she was forced to hear about it when the public found out because he is a scumbag extraordinaire.

However, that’s not the only terrible thing he has done to her. According to reports, when Trump announced he was going to run for the presidency he threatened Maples with ruin if she thwarted his plans to be king of the world. She is clearly a woman who has suffered greatly at the hands of her shitty ex-husband but that’s not the only reason people think it was her.

According to The Daily Beast, hours after The New York Times released the tax return, Maples tweeted this out:

Soon after the Tweet went up, Politico reporter Marc Caputo, responded to Maples saying,”TFW you serve up a cold plate of revenge and then appreciate fall as you think about Etz Hayim, the Shekinah & Isaac ben Luria.” Maples ignored his comment, neither confirming nor denying that she was the hero, but the cryptic tweet isn’t the only reason she is suspected.

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There is only one person other than Trump who would certainly have a copy of his 1995 tax return and that person is Maples. In 1995, the two were married and the return is even signed by her. Also, just days before the mysterious package was sent to the NYT’s Marla returned to town. On September 20, Marla and Tiffany arrived back in New York after visiting family in Georgia. On September 21, she met with Olivia Nuzzi a reporter for The Daily Beast and on September 23, the package with the taxes was sent to the NYT.

Obviously, all of this evidence is circumstantial at this point, but Maples would make the most sense. She had a motive, she had access and she had the opportunity. We recognize that we will probably never know who did it; Trump is such a cruel person and his fans are so deplorable that it is unlikely anyone will take credit.  I, for one, hope it was her because karma is a bitch and he certainly deserved it.

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