Tea Party Congressman Calls For Assassination Of Obama While Inciting Race War On Twitter

Former Tea Party congressman Joe Walsh took to Twitter Thursday night to directly threaten President Obama and make the declaration of war on behalf of racist America against black people. This happened very shortly after news broke that two snipers shot nearly a dozen police officers in Dallas that night, killing 5 so far as of this writing.

Captures of the former congressman and serial dead-beat dad’s comments are below:




Even an angry, unhinged white man like Walsh knew that he had gone over the line, and he deleted the first Tweet where he was trying to incite a race war and advocated for the death of President Obama. Unfortunately for him, the internet never forgets.

Joe is the quintessential angry white guy. He spent a single term as a Tea Party congressman where he did basically nothing but shout at people during TV interviews while dodging court-ordered child support payments he had been avoiding for years. He even got kicked off his own radio show for using the n-word. Talk about a loser…

BlackLivesMatter did not do this. The protesters were intermingled among the Dallas police and were peacefully protesting at the time. They were even posing for pictures with the police, celebrating their cooperation and non-overbearing law enforcement presence on the scene at the time.

At 9pm-12am last night when he sent these tweets nobody knew who the shooters were, because even the cops were pinned down for a time and not engaging them directly. Instead of waiting to see who did it, he just picked the easiest and most disposable target that his racist followers would recognize.

This was a terroristic threat against all black people in America, including our President. Hopefully, the authorities visit him soon.

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  • Kevin Dirk Boaz

    Not much difference between that and your hero obama inciting the riots and murders in the first place he should be arrested as well.

  • Lisa Williams

    White people unite, why not? A lot of black people are uniting and declaring war on whites and jews and anybody who does not hold liberal viewpoints. They say it is not about race, but why not keep it real people and realize that it will always be about race and culture, whether you like this or not, that is the truth. The melting pot was a big f*cking stupid idea that has never worked and never will work, it is human nature to be with people who are of similar color and background. It this was not true, why do members of, I think it is the New black panther who said this,they want to overrun five southern states and make it all black, they want to run it as they as a black communities sees fit, they want no or very little government and they want to be segregated once again. They were not happy when there was segregation and now they are not happy that they are to live like every other American, free and with the opportunity to work hard and make a decent honest living.There are a group of people out there who are big fucking baby’s who feel because of slavery that they are owed all sorts of special shit and money and land, I say f*ck all those people and tell them grow the f*ck up and go and get a f*cking job that actually involves work, protesting does not count, you sad pieces of sh*t that are ruining this great country because of your f*cking selfish f*cking pathetic f*cking attitudes. And by the way, you are not the only race that was enslaved, there was the Egyptians, Jews,Irish, Chinese, the list goes on and it was not only white people that did the enslavement, remember black folk, your own kind sold their kind into slavery for stupid pieces of trinkets that they had never seen before to the white man who showed up on their shores in big boats, you f*cking a*sholes. And but the way, the only race that deserves anything in return from the white man are the American Indians, they were not given a chance and wiped out, you black folk, on the other hand, well, a useful purpose was found for you.Grow up,realize that you still live in the greatest country every built, and go and contribute something to it besides pure f*cking cowardice and laziness.

  • LK

    What a a load of BS for this Zvongressman to tweet! shame on you.

  • Debby Ward

    now I follow MANY people and govt entities…I also follow Walsh…voted Democrat for 34 years…NO WHERE did he call for an assassination of anyone. Geesh…delete your site already.

  • Meanstreak

    Leftist TRASH site here… You RATS are finished!

  • Meanstreak

    A dirty leftist SHIIIT hole site, right here!

  • Meanstreak


  • Tea patroit

    Only after they visit Black Panther leader and BLM leaders for Their terroristic threats. All that do this are race baiters. Whether they be black, white, yellow, or brown. Don’t single out one race when all are guilty. Time to all be children of God as planned.

  • Blood Bath

    Don’t see where he called for the assassination of Obama and inciting a race war. However, I have seen where Obama is inciting a race war leading to the next civil war.