Ted Cruz Has A Thanksgiving Message That Will Make You Want To Vomit

Ted Cruz’s Thanksgiving Day message was tweeted by CNN Reporter Betsy Klein this morning. Because, we all were just hanging on the edges of our seat waiting for the Texas Twit to give us a whitewashed, delusional complete crock of bullshit.

No really, here’s the senator’s statement:


He seemed to forget a line:

But, all you Muslims, and Mexicans, and refugees, and atheists, and women, and poor people can just f*ck right off.

There, I fixed it!

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Look, I realize that tomorrow is a beloved holiday where we practice the ultimate thankfulness in the form of gluttony by eating far more food than one needs to consume in a 24 hour period, let alone 15 minutes. I don’t want to be a complete downer about the holiday. Yes, I’ll admit, I love Thanksgiving and the time with my family. However, that doesn’t mean we simply gloss over the shit hole of a mess we are currently in, which is exactly what Ted Cruz’s statement does.

And, to those who say I’m just being nasty. Whateva, I’m a nasty woman.

This cat has my back. This is my response to Senator Ted Cruz:


Yep. That’s it right there. F*ck, Ted Cruz.

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