Texas GOP Congressman Asks FBI Director The World’s Most Stupid Question (VIDEO)

Let’s face it, there are a lot of dumb people in America, and many of them seem to find their way to Washington D.C., usually with an “R” attached to their names. But when it comes to dumb members of Congress, there’s dumb, and then there’s Texas dumb, which is in a league of its own.

Mike Conaway is the Republican who represents Texas’s 11th Congressional District, which stretches from the area west of Dallas-Fort Worth all the way to the New Mexico border. The king of Texas congressional stupidity has long been East Texas’ Louie Gohmert. But on Monday morning Conaway gave Gohmert a serious challenge for the stupidity championship of Congress.

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Conaway was questioning FBI director James Comey during the House Intelligence Committee’s hearing on Russian interference in our presidential election. He starts out by asking Comey when the FBI was confident that there had been Russian interference. Comey agrees with Conaway that that conclusion had been reached by early December 2016.

Next, Conaway asks Comey when intelligence agencies determined that the Russians had developed a preference for Trump over Clinton. Comey responds that Putin hates Clinton, and therefore “he had a clear preference for the person running against the person he hated so much.”

Pretty cut and dry for a normal person. But apparently not for Conaway, who brings in a college sports analogy, to the confusion of Comey and others in the room. He said:

That might work on a Saturday afternoon when my wife’s Red Raiders are playing the Texas Longhorns… The logic is that because he really didn’t like Clinton, that he automatically liked Trump. That assessment is based on what?

Comey responds:

Part of it is the logic. You want the Red Raiders to win, by definition you want their opponent to lose.

Well, duh. Common sense to a school kid, but not to a Republican congressman from Texas, who must have been asleep in class the day they taught about our presidential elections in his high school.

Here’s the complete exchange:

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