Texas Republicans Get Nailed For Racial Gerrymandering…Again

Texas Republicans are on a roll, folks. For the second time in two weeks, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Texas gerrymandering was done along racial lines.

Racism? In Texas? The state of the union that declared its independence from Mexico because the Mexican government wouldn’t let the white people keep slaves (among other reasons) and promptly made it illegal to free slaves in their Constitution? I’m shocked, I say, absolutely shocked to learn that racism exists there.

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Last month, the federal court found that some of the state’s 36 congressional districts violated the Voting Rights Act or the U.S. Constitution. This month, federal judges also found fault with the House map, declaring that it too was gerrymandered along racial lines:

This is yet another example of political discrimination by the State of Texas against minority voters,” state Rep. Rafael Anchia of Dallas, chairman of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus, said in a statement. “Thousands of minority voters are being denied their right to an equal opportunity to choose their elected representatives, just to preserve the party in power.

If you wondered how Republicans won in 2016, you probably want to start here. Clearly, after President Obama’s election, they decided minorities don’t need to vote anymore and so they set out to dilute the minority vote as much as possible. You know, in traditional American fashion.

The ruling was 2-1, with the one dissenting vote noting that it wasn’t racial gerrymandering, it was partisan gerrymandering. Because that’s so much better; this is how you make an effective democracy, after all — you silence one side as much as possible.

But then, this election season saw Neo-Nazis and the KKK openly support Donald Trump and the Republicans, which leads one to ask: just how much longer will it take before someone with some brains realizes that, to the Republicans, racial and partisan gerrymandering are the same damn thing?

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