That Time Donald Trump Said Ripping A Baby From Its Mother’s Womb Is Just Fine And Dandy (VIDEO)

We’ve all seen the evolution of Donald Trump from semi-normal crooked businessman to right-wing bible-thumping Christian zealot whose favorite book is the bible and whose worst nightmare is abortion. At the third and final presidential debate, we saw The Donald put on his best act while trying to convince the ever-so-moral people who follow him that all life is sacred.

Unfortunately, he used quite possible the dumbest argument of all time to get there:

Abortions the day before giving birth? That’s interesting, considering late-term abortions are only legal to save the life of the mother or if the fetus isn’t viable. I actually have personal experience with this issue. When my wife was eight months pregnant she was pre-eclamptic, a complication that causes high blood pressure and bloating and can cause damage to the kidneys and other organs. Together with the doctor, the decision was made to “rip the baby from the womb,” not a day but an entire month early, only they used the medical term “c-section” and my son was born.

My second child was also a c-section. She was scheduled for a Thursday morning but my wife’s water broke on Wednesday, so the baby was “ripped from her womb” again, this time one day early, leaving me with two children and not a single partial-birth aborted fetus.

My wife was 38 when she had our last daughter. She had developed high blood pressure and was a high-risk pregnancy. Just after the 8-month mark, her doctor decided the risk to her health was too great and once again the decision was made to “rip the baby from the womb.” Now I have three children.

What Trump and these idiots don’t understand is that women aren’t having abortions after going full term because they decided they don’t want a kid over coffee one morning. That’s not legal and no doctor would perform that operation. If a fetus is “aborted” in the 9th month it’s as devastating a loss as having a stillborn. If it’s a case of the mother being at risk, they do everything they can to save the child.

Apparently, these people have never heard of a premie before.

It’s not difficult to understand if you have half a brain, and it’s also something Donald Trump agreed with a year ago when his fledgling campaign hadn’t yet picked up enough steam to matter:

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There you have it, straight from the horse’s ass. Trump declares himself pro-life but clearly makes rational exceptions, which isn’t very common in the GOP but is exceedingly common among the general public.

Sometimes things make sense and sometimes they don’t. Donald Trump’s statement at the last debate makes no sense, especially when you see how he really feels.

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