The Battle Between George Bailey And Mr. Potter Is As Relevant As Ever This Year (VIDEO)

How is it that a timeless classic like “It’s A Wonderful Life” can be a beloved Christmas film watched year over year, yet as a society we drift further and further away from the principles espoused by the cherished holiday favorite?

As you curl up this year to get your yearly dose of George Bailey’s personal crisis that ultimately brings out the best in humanity, it is difficult to not notice that the battle between conservative and progressive ideals plays out on that silver screen from years ago. We are still fighting for the same thing Bailey fought for in that board room of shareholders at the little Savings and Loan.

Income inequality and the struggle of the working man is as old as civilization. In a country that can sit back and swoon with warm fuzzies when the underdog comes out victorious in some of our most favorite stories, it is perplexing that at the same time we continue to allow our leaders to embrace public policies that continue to shit on the underdog at every turn.

The Mr. Potters have the control and thus far, few George Baileys are standing up to fight for us.

Watch George Bailey battle for the little guys in this classic scene and then ask yourself this: How many of our leaders are Mr. Potters and how many are George Baileys?

Who is the conservative in this scene and who is the progressive?

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